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Boost marketing
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license plate recognition

Powerful, self-service analytics platform to help outlets convert, engage, and retain more visitors
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Featured cases
/1/Date of opening 2020
Arkhangelskoe Outlet
Actualize and attract the actual target audience of the newly opened Outlet
/2/Date of opening 2018
Brand’s Stories Outlet
Measure the dynamics and efficiency of new customers attraction, including neighboring regions
/1/Date of opening 2019
Novaya Riga Outlet Village
Monitor the growth and structure of the customer base and increase the efficiency of attracting new customers
/2/Date of opening 2013
Monitor and increase customer loyalty and improve the effectiveness of marketing activities
Vnukovo Outlet Village
Self-serve marketing analytics portal to answer your questions
Understand Outlet target audience and its behavior better
Measure the impact of promo on the new customers, loyal ones and traffic structure
Find and track trends of loyalty, frequency, traffic structure, churn, duration and more
Enhance Outlet footfall
and sales data with license plate insights
Potential Synaps camera installation point at Designer Outlet Warszawa
Traffic uniqueness with 100% coverage and accuracy
Repeat visitor and loyalty analysis
New customers and churn analysis
Traffic segmentation by country, region, frequency, car model, price and more
Stay duration by car price, day of week, frequency
Car park occupancy heatmap
Weekly & monthly volume and structure variance
Our insights
Find out what campaigns and events generate more new and loyal customers
Cohort analysis of new customers attracted during the promotion period
Loyalty and frequency analysis of new customers
Campaigns comparison and analysis of marketing best practices
Find Outlet target audience, and track them coming back
Visit frequency analysis
Learn your target audience
Segment your visitors by country, loyalty, car price, duration, social demographics
Analyze the profile of Outlet loyal core, new visitors, churn and of those who move from new to loyal
Track visitors' engagement and find more like them
What defines new customers and what makes them loyal?
What a loyal customer profile looks like?
What is the profile of clients living nearby?
Prove and improve
Outlet marketing impact & ROI
Volume of new customers in traffic
Share of new customers in traffic
Marketing self-measurement
Use license plates to track а share of new customers in total traffic campaign uplift
Monitor the loyalty of new customers acquired though different campaigns
Test and learn the impact of various marketing activities mechanic, duration, timing on new clients' acquisition
Metrics are trending,
now find out why
Share of new customers in traffic
Identify trends
Anticipate a drop in traffic by registering reduce in loyalty and new customers
Justify additional marketing budget based on the analysis of changes in audience structure
Monitor visit duration and frequencies by segment to measure tenet mix quality
We take customer privacy seriously and have developed our solution with GDPR in mind
Data protection
Informing customers on CCTV analytics
The use of ANPR cameras requires notifying all drivers that the cameras are present, state their purpose and provide details for follow-up if desired
Synaps on-premise solution
Vehicle license plate data is processed on camera, so there is no need to send vehicle images over the Internet. Depersonalized data is transferred via secured channels using LTE/3G network
Depersonalization of collected data
Vehicle license plate data is processed on camera and hashed one- way, windshield is automatically blurred to prevent any sensitive data collection
Export of user data
We permit individuals with sufficient identification of vehicle ownership to request an export of their personal data
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We help outlet marketers learn from their data
Founded 2016 in Boston with support from MIT Sandbox Innovation
In 2017 the world's first case of targeted outdoor advertising
In 2018 the world's first case of measuring the impact of outdoor advertising on Outlet
In 2018 included in the list of 100 disruptive startups in the world according to Disrupt 100
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