INFINITI uses precision real-time targeting in digital outdoor advertising for the new QX80 launch.
Intelligent DOOH advertising — Infinity
In June 2019, the premium brand INFINITI launched an update to its legendary QX80 crossover. Traditionally, this high-end automaker has not heavily relied on outdoor advertising, especially for its top-tier models, which are targeted at a narrow circle of connoisseurs. Nevertheless, the company's marketers highly value the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as a broad-reach channel that enhances brand recognition. They continually search for effective ways to engage with their target audience on all channels, especially outdoor advertising. This poses a complex challenge: to use a broad-reach channel while focusing their limited marketing budget on a high-income target audience.

For the new QX80, the marketing team clearly understood their target audience’s profile, including insights into which vehicles the owners of QX80 had previously owned. The campaign is not just about visibility—it’s about smart visibility. Utilizing real-time optimization in DOOH developed by Synaps Labs, INFINITI ensures that each ad placement reaches the most probable future owners of the QX80, redefining how luxury automakers engage with their audience through outdoor advertising.
Synaps Labs used advanced license plate recognition cameras designed to dynamically assess the audience in real-time in front of Russ Outdoor's digital billboards. This system detects the license plates along with the makes and models of vehicles, enabling it to activate specific advertisements on digital billboards tailored to the vehicles that are passing by when there is an optimal concentration of the target audience. This method allows advertisers to efficiently allocate their budgets by focusing on peak times when their target audience is most present.

The deployment of this technology ensures that each advertisement displayed is highly relevant to the individuals viewing it, thereby maximizing viewer engagement and optimizing both the reach and frequency of ad exposure.

To further amplify the campaign’s impact, Synaps Labs' system has enabled INFINITI to deliver customized creative content to specific segments within their target audience. For example, drivers of luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac are presented with unique promotional ads that highlight elements like elegant interiors and prestige—attributes highly valued by these consumers. These tailored ads underscore the benefits of switching to INFINITI, leveraging insights drawn from historical data on brand-switching behaviors among car owners.

Overall, the campaign utilizes eight unique messages, each crafted to resonate with owners of five specific car brands targeted in this campaign. This strategic approach not only boosts the effectiveness of the advertisements but also enhances the consumer experience by delivering valuable and relevant content that aligns with their current automotive preferences.
Synaps technology employs a unique method to track audience reach and how often individuals are exposed to advertisements, using a vehicle identifier. This identifier is generated by encrypting a car's license plate number through a one-way encryption process, guaranteeing the car owner's anonymity. The encryption is performed automatically, ensuring privacy. If a particular vehicle is detected passing by the advertisement more than five times, the technology then presents the driver with a different ad, this time promoting attractive financing options for purchasing an INFINITI.
"In recent years, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of out-of-home advertising has become a critical focus for industry participants, from leading ad operators to technology-driven companies. In this age of rapid technological advancement, advertisers demand transparency beyond the traditional uncertainties of out-of-home advertising — they seek to know who sees their ads, the frequency of exposure, and the rationale behind targeting specific audiences. This demand for clarity is particularly pronounced among luxury brands like INFINITI. Our collaboration with Synaps addresses these concerns by ensuring that our advertisements reach only our intended demographic, are displayed the optimal number of times, and more, offering a clear insight into the effectiveness of our out-of-home advertising strategies."
— OMD AMS' Account Director
«The INFINITI QX80 is a distinguished vehicle in the premium SUV category. Our research shows that the potential market for the new INFINITI in Moscow is notably selective, with only about 3% of drivers viewing it as a viable option. Working alongside Russ Outdoor and OMD AMS, we targeted these individuals by highlighting the unique attributes of the new INFINITI QX80, specifically tailored to appeal to those whose current vehicle preferences align with what the QX80 offers. Our colleagues from OMD AMS and INFINITI played an integral role in overseeing the campaign and implementing adjustments in real-time based on performance data. Synaps Labs' real-time targeting approach achieved a 35% increase in the reach of our intended audience, significantly exceeding the effectiveness of traditional digital outdoor advertising with an equivalent budget.»
— CEO of Synaps Labs
«Targeted advertising is essential for the success of any business. In this project, we effectively identified and targeted specific groups within the luxury market segment without incurring extra costs for our clients. This approach significantly increased visibility among INFINITI's target audience. It was crucial to show that outdoor advertising is effective for mass-market brands and exclusive, premium products. We believe that this campaign, powered by Synaps Labs technology, will pave the way for broader adoption of outdoor advertising among premium advertisers.»
— Russ Outdoor Commercial Director
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