Vnukovo Outlet Village analyzes the effect of out-of-home advertising on user traffic
Smart Parking — Vnukovo Outlet Village
The mall witnessed a doubled influx of the target audience exposed to the screening of the narrow-targeted video relaying the advertisement message as compared to the target audience who did not see the video
Vnukovo Outlet Village continuously seeks out effective marketing tools and meticulously monitors the development of technologies in the market. In May 2018, the venue decided on an endeavor to set up out-of-home advertising and launched a scalable analysis of the market, contractors and their capabilities. An important factor for the Vnukovo Outlet Village team was the availability of real performance indicators and a transparent reporting system, not to mention innovation. In addition, the company needed to collect data on the users' car makes and models to profile its audience.
Synaps cameras installed on Russ Outdoor structures along the Third Ring Road and the outbound highways identify vehicles at a distance of up to 800 ft from the billboards, regardless of the row in which they are moving and the time of day. The technology records the vehicle’s make, model, license plate, production year and cost and file the vehicle into a specific micro-segment. The decision to show an ad video to a profiled user is made in 0.8 seconds while the car moves toward the billboard. The duration of an advertisement message is 7.5 seconds, and if a viewer sees the message for at least 2 seconds, the exposure is deemed valid and is recorded in the database. All vehicle data is encrypted upon collection, and each car is assigned a unique ID, which remains unchanged no matter how many times the vehicle enters the video cameras’ field of view.

Russ Outdoor installations have built-in Synaps cameras and are also equipped with Analitika NGO`s Wi-Fi sensors that detect mobile devices in passing vehicles. Soon after passing such installation, the user of a gadget with an identified MAC address receives a similar advertising message over the internet – thus, by shifting offline to online, the second contact with a potential buyer occurs.
Wi-Fi sensors installed in the mall measure how many of those exposed to the advertisement via both channels later visited the venue. Additional cameras placed at the entrance and the exit of the parking lot at the Vnukovo Outlet Village identified the entering vehicles to single out the cars of visitors who were exposed to the ads. Thus, an additional evaluation and conversion calculation is performed upon advertising via two media.
After one month, the campaign proved the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising. The mall witnessed a doubled influx of the target audience exposed to the screening of the narrow-targeted video relaying the advertisement message as compared to the target audience who did not see the video. The high conversion rate suggests the success of omni-channel communication within the framework of this project.
July 2018
“The project provided not only an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of out-of-home advertising, but also great opportunities for traffic analysis, which means a more in-depth study and understanding of our target audience. After all, the better you know your customers, the more accurately and effectively you can build communication with them. Our main task is to master the technology, understand its effectiveness and multiply the results. We believe in a technology-driven future and we believe that ‘tomorrow’ in the advertising market is now.”
Inna Krasnoshchekova, Vnukovo Outlet Village
“With the advent of technology, the world is changing. The out-of-home industry is also changing. Just about everyone spends a lot of time outside his or her home or office every day and faces out-of-home advertising. That is why measured communication with a given target group in OOH and Indoor is extremely important for customers and should be part of the omni-channel communication.”
Daria Chuikova, Russ Outdoor
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